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Our Work

Change Strategy and Management

Work with CEOs and other senior leaders to plan, initiate and drive the execution of organization change. Specifically, when we talk about change management we are referring to the following process:

  • We provide a simple and clear framework for managing change initiatives that provides a blueprint for driving the changes
  • We work with you to determine the priorities, right timing and sequencing of change
  • We advise you on best practices for creating, leading and managing enterprise-wide global change efforts. Our experience in this area serves as a guide post in this process.


Work closely with Boards and CEO to ensure effective governance and engagement. We have both worked closely with Boards and have been Board members ourselves, and understand the special dynamics that are present in the Board environment. Specifically our work with boards can take the following forms:

  • Help Board become more engaged and active in their participation with the CEO.
  • Work with Board and CEO to create effective CEO evaluation processes.
  • Assess Board effectiveness and governance processes for board and executive leadership

CEO Succession

Work with CEO and Board to ensure a well-planned and successful CEO succession process. Specifically work in this area may include:

  • Building a CEO succession planning process based on best practices and first-hand experience
  • Help clients in evaluating internal candidates against key criteria that are important for the company’s future success
  • Helping CEO’s successfully navigate through the search for a successor and ultimate transition process
  • Provide advice on how to engage their boards on the succession planning process

Executive Team Development

Work with the CEO or senior leader to get the right players around the table, working together effectively. We provide expertise in managing and developing executive teams. Specifically, we work with Executive Teams in the following ways:

  • Design team meetings and facilitate offsite workshops
  • Clarify company and team charter/agenda to drive team performance
  • Resolve difficult team dynamics that are interfering with team performance
  • Identify both team and individual leaders’ areas of strength as well as areas of improvement and create a plan to improve team performance.

Leadership Development

Ensure leaders are aligned with and capable of executing the strategy. Our work focuses on:

  • Determining the profile of desired leadership characteristics that are linked to driving key business strategies and performance.
  • Creating customized tools and processes for evaluating leaders. This involves multi-rater feedback - a combination of peer, upward and downward feedback.
  • Conducting in-depth assessments of leaders and provide detailed plans for development
  • Coaching leaders as appropriate to ensure they understand feedback data and to help them realize a higher level of performance through personal development.
  • Providing organization-wide data on leadership to help plan for systemic need for development of key leaders and close gaps in performance.

Strategic Choice

Craft and implement a compelling direction for the organization. Veritas can assist in the strategy process by:

  • Helping leaders establish a shared view—a common understanding of the marketplace dynamics, the company’s current position, and its aspirations for the future, i.e., View of the World, View of the Company, and View of the Future.
  • Working with senior leaders to develop and evaluate strategic alternatives—assessing current and future market opportunities against the organization’s existing and potential capabilities. The resulting strategic alternatives represent viable strategies for capitalizing upon future opportunities.
  • Assisting leaders in choosing and refining a strategic direction—the final stage before the team announces its decision and implementation begins.
  • Aiding in the assessment process and appointment of a transition manager and/or transition team.

Organization Design

Helping leaders and their organizations design organization structures and processes that are capable of driving a future strategy while delivering results.

  • Capture current state organization design advantages and disadvantages, reflecting the business environment and internal considerations
  • Explore multiple models of organization design from evolutionary to revolutionary models of organization design
  • Agree on a future state design with a detailed mapping of key roles and responsibilities
  • Assess talent against new/revised roles and match jobs with skills
  • Conduct a change plan to migrate the organization to the new/revised organization – including recruiting, training and redeployment

Organization Culture

Working with leaders and their organizations to create shared expectations for working together and building those shared expectations into the day-to-day practices of the organization

  • Work with leaders to articulate and communicate their core values and beliefs about what is important in how members work together and focus on as everyday norms
  • Validate leaders’ core values with employees across the organization via focus groups and/or surveys to ensure alignment and acceptance
  • Develop core values programs and initiatives that help individuals connect their daily actions and behaviors to those core values (e.g. employee surveys, leadership multi-rater assessment, and recognition programs that feature the core values in action)


Developing a robust internal communications program that effectively translates company intentions, actions and progress on a continuous basis with key stakeholders. This work is done in combination with internal communications experts but features the leadership team as the central role

  • Our work begins with an initial assessment of key stakeholder groups to understand their needs for information and communications from their leaders
  • Based on the results, a communications strategy is developed, using multiple channels for reaching key stakeholders (intranet, town halls, conference calls, special forums, written publications, manager sessions/off-sites and annual company events) that bring people together for information sharing and dialog

Change Metrics

We work with leaders and their organizations to determine if actions that are taken are delivering desired results, and course correct accordingly. This involves the use of key metrics including operational, employee, customer and financial for reporting and recognition.

  • Work with leaders and their organizations to define a core set of metrics that will guide the organization for the future
  • Continuously measure performance and recognize/reward progress made
  • Use the feedback to help guide action planning along key initiatives and course correct
Our Work
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